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Kinetic is a social enterprise that uses youth work methodologies to support young people to improve their lives. We work with those in, or at risk of becoming involved in, the youth justice system.

Primarily, we deliver Youth Work Services for young people housed within the secure estate. We build voluntary relationships with young people and support them to try new things, gain new skills and gain information that will help them understand their world better. The support we offer depends on what the young people want and need, and continues as long as they want it to support them to re engage within their lives, their community and create a better future for themselves.

We provide consultancy, training and direct delivery to Youth Offending Institutes, Youth Offending Services, schools and colleges, Integrated/Youth Services and other local, national and public sector organisations.

We specialise in youth work in youth justice and using interactive, participative group work methodologies, we focus on increasing youth participation, providing accreditation and developing peer mentoring.

Contact info@kineticyouth.co.uk

Our Mission

To positively impact on the lives of young people through good quality youth work, protecting and preserving their rights, reducing disadvantage and challenging issues within the youth justice system.

Find out more

There are a number of videos you can watch to find out more about us.

  • Testimonial

    Emily Thomas, Governor, HMYOI Cookham Wood.

  • Testimonial

    Tanya Edwards, YOT Manager, Lewisham Council.

  • Kinetic, The Journey

    An aspirational film about reaching for the future.

  • A Recipe for a Cup of Tea

    Young people’s words about how youth work and Kinetic can help, and a view of the Kinetic Community Café in Gillingham.

Our Vision

Kinetic’s aim is to work with young people to develop their skills, knowledge and experiences and provide them with support to enable them to access services that they can benefit from and that can improve their lives.

Kinetic understand the variety of challenges that young people face in today’s society. For those who do not find the support they need from services available and, as a result, find themselves in, or at risk of being in the youth justice system, we believe there is still hope.

Youth work methodologies have been proven to successfully support young people to fulfil their potential and go on to achieve success in their lives. Using these methodologies Kinetic aims to provide a service that:

Often, young people who end up in the secure estate do so because they have not received the right support for them, or because they’ve gotten into situations they can’t get out of. Kinetic does not judge any young person on what they’ve done; we work with them to achieve what they want to achieve.

We work with young whenever they need us, in court, in reviews, in prison, on license, going home or at home. We can help young people to identify what can help them, what they’ll enjoy and support them with the things they need to do.

What We Do

Kinetic specialise in delivery in the following areas:

Youth Work In Youth Offending Institutes (YOIs)

Kinetic provide a bespoke Youth Service including positive constructive activities, evening and weekend provision, skill development and experiential learning, 121 support, accreditation and awards, youth council development, generic and specific social clubs/groups, focused workshops and community projects to support release on temporary license and resettlement back into the community.

The voluntary relationship with youth workers supports young people to learn and grow through their engagement. With this learning, growth and support from a youth worker, they can better understand their world, engage more positively, and access vital support services required to enhance their resettlement.

Not only does this service respond directly to individual needs, it supports and promotes all service delivery, and plays a vital role in behaviour management for the establishment.

Supporting Resettlement

Kinetic have a number of partners who we work closely with in the community. Kinetic are able to maintain an established relationship with young people post release to continue the support and skill development young people need to engage. Using these relationships with young people Kinetic work with partners to develop and promote community opportunities for young people, to support engagement within these opportunities pre and post release.

Youth Participation

Kinetic train young people on representation and participation, and support them to work with adults to improve services for young people. Kinetic deliver this within the secure estate and have supported young people’s councils’ to work with senior management teams of YOIs. Kinetic also deliver participation work within the community supporting young people to have their say, improve service and make changes that benefit them and other young people in communities.

Kinetic also ensure that young people’s views are at the heart of the organisation and its development. Young people are trained and involved in the recruitment of all staff. We have Young Advisors who advise managers and prioritise the organisations’ development, and we employ young people as peer mentors and apprentices.

Peer Mentoring

Everything Kinetic deliver works on a peer mentoring model. Young people are encouraged to support other young people to gain knowledge and skills and to leaner from each other. Young people are supported to become peer mentors within establishments in clubs and groups, in relation to specific projects work, out in the community and when young people are leaving and need some additional support from someone they can relate to, who really gets it!

Violence Reduction

Kinetic understand the sociological and biological issues the young men we work with face. Violence comes hand on hand with their experiences, learned behaviour, testosterone, a lack of consequential thinking, and of course, their current residential circumstances. Kinetic use all our delivery as a behaviour management tool, but in addition, have developed a specific violence reduction programme.

This programme uses the youth work methodology to support experts in victim awareness, gangs, violence and anger to explore issues and support learning in a safe environment. The youth work relationships promote positive choices and using peer mentoring, support young people to promote other ways of addressing issues


The work Kinetic carries out is broadly broken down into 3 key areas:


Kinetic can deliver any/all aspects of youth work to any groups of young people using interactive participative workshops, young people focused activities and outdoor education programmes and residentials. All delivery is bespoke and designed with the organisation to meet their needs.


Kinetic can provide training for workers in relation to youth work, youth participation, group work, accreditation, youth justice, and resettlement, to name a few. Training programmes are bespoke and designed with the organisation to meet their needs.


Kinetic can provide consultancy to any organisation in the field of youth work, youth participation and youth work within youth justice. Consultancy services are bespoke and designed with the organisation to meet their needs.

Contact us for a free exploratory meeting.

Gess Aird

Gess Aird Director

With over twenty years of youth work experience, specialising in youth participation and strategic management of youth services, Gess has an array of skills and knowledge to lead Kinetic into the future delivering youth work in the youth justice arena.

Esther Horner

Esther Horner Director

For over 14 years Esther has specialised in youth participation, accreditation, working with looked after young people and young offenders, and has progressed her career from front line delivery into operational and strategic management. Esther also sits as an elected representative on the Institute for Youth Work and is passionate to ensure youth work is at the forefront of national and local agendas.

Toni Brettell

Toni Brettell Service Improvement Manager

Toni has a wealth of experience of youth work and youth participation from youth and children’s services and also, for many years, has worked with young people through youth offending teams to support their engagement back into society.

Daniel Rochester

Daniel Rochester Senior Youth Work Coordinator

Dan joined Kinetic from a background of professional football and youth work; using these skills he has worked with many groups of young men to support their rehabilitation from offending, and in the delivery of many community projects.

Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson Senior Youth Work Coordinator

Jane is a highly experienced Youth Worker and Manager, educated to Masters level in Education with a Phase2 managerial qualification and a depth of experience in delivering independent living skills and helping young people to develop work readiness.

Funke Oshikoya

Funke Oshikoya Senior Youth Work Coordinator

Funke joins Kinetic after many years of delivering Youth Work Services to young people across London Boroughs through many different organisations. Kinetic are lucky to have such an experienced youth worker joining the team at Cookham Wood.

Adam Foreman

Adam Forman Senior Youth Work Coordinator, Feltham YOI project

Adam not only brings youth work skills and experience to Kinetic, he has also experience of delivering youth work services to children and young people with disabilities and in a secure setting, both of which provide a great insight into Kinetic’s delivery and development.

Mandy Agates

Mandy Agates Youth Work Coordinator

Mandy is a qualified Youth Worker with 5 years’ experience within the criminal justice system, she has a keen interest in prevention demonstrated by her driven, persistent and focused attitude.

Kevin Ramsey

Kevin Ramsey Youth Work Coordinator, HMYOI Cookham Wood

Kevin is able to relate to the areas and situations that the young people come from, he is passionate about supporting young people and helping them to identify areas in which they can make positive change in their own lives. Over the last 10 years Kevin has developed various youth work skills, which have given him the tools to evidence the impact his delivery can have on young people’s lives.

Ruth Thomas

Ruth Thomas Youth Work Coordinator, HMP YOI ISIS

Ruth joined Kinetic as a qualified Youth and Community worker with over 18 years of experience. Ruth has been working alongside young people within the criminal justice system for over 18 years in a variety of settings. Ruth is passionate about helping young people to identify and change unwanted negative behaviours to help them become pro-active positive members within their communities.

Nicholas Crossfield

Nicholas Crossfield Youth Work Coordinator, HMYOI Werrington

Nick is a qualified Youth Worker with a BA Honors degree in Youth Work, and brings to a wealth of knowledge to Kinetic gained through previous roles with National Probation and Youth Offending Teams. He has over 12 years experience including mentoring, football coaching and managing projects for Young People with disabilities, and has previously worked with disaffectected young people across Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

Leon Yeynolds

Leon Reynolds Youth Work Coordinator, Medway STC

From targeted youth work for grass roots charities in Stoke-on-Trent, to senior management positions with specialisms in youth media and alternative education for Westminster Youth Service, Leon retains his 20+ year commitment to improving opportunities for the most vulnerable young people in society, and aims to utilise his skills to facilitate real positive change for all young people within secure estates.

Iona Button

Iona Button Youth Support Worker

Iona brings to the Kinetic team her vibrant and youthful approach to working with our young people which offers a variety of different opportunities for engagement in activities that are positive, engaging and interactive for young people to engage in across the project.

Najee Fox

Najee Fox Youth Support Worker, HMYOI Werrington

Najee has focused his career on working with young people, and is currently studying for QCF Level 3 in Youth Work at YMCA George Williams College. He brings a wide range of experience in working with young people and children to the Kinetic team.

In addition to the core team, Kinetic employ a number of part time workers whose knowledge and experience varies, but who all want to work with young people to support them to improve their lives. Each of these workers works for Kinetic to deliver our vision as a single team.

Our Projects

Kinetic are committed to maximizing resources to provide the best services for young people and that’s why we always deliver in partnership with other organisations. Currently our partners are:

Medway Secure Training Centre

Kinetic deliver a wide variety of youth work interventions at Medway Secure Training Centre. These include one-to-one support to develop relationships and social skills, media clubs, performing arts and association support, all to encourage increased engagement in positive construction activities. Kinetic also deliver the formal youth participation work at Medway STC, supporting young people to actively get their voices heard at decision making levels, working with all stakeholders to ensure best outcomes are achieved for all.

HMP Rochester

This project is two fold: Kinetic work with adults across the prison to train them in youth work, they then volunteer in our projects; Kinetic also deliver a transition club for Young Offenders (18‒21) who have recently moved from the young people’s estate to the adult estate.


This is a new project for Kinetic Youth, due to start in October 2016, the project will work with Young Offenders (18‒21) within the establishment, providing a support service to empower, engage and enthuse individuals, helping to make their experiences more positive working towards a successful resettlement.

HMYOI Wetherby

Wetherby is one of our newest education contracts, but the biggest in size and our first piece of work in Wetherby. We have an enthusiastic and vibrant team developing delivery to support engagement in education for all young men across the establishment.

HMYOI Feltham

This is one of our newest education projects, we are working in partnership with Prospects to deliver an informal pathway to support our formal educator partner to engage more young people into mainstream education.

HMYOI Cookham Wood

Our first ever project that started back in 2010, we deliver a range of informal activities to support existing provision. Over 52 hours of delivery is facilitated during evenings, weekends, daytime and holidays. The activities include youth club, youth council, induction, various accreditation schemes, ROTL and more.

We also deliver in partnership with NOVUS education provider, to support young men with their learning. Kinetic deliver a bespoke alternative education programme that includes group work and one to one. We work with those young men to build esteem, empower and increase their engagement into mainstream education pathways.

HMYOI Werrington

We have been present here since 2013, delivering a range of activities, to increase engagement in education and daily regime. Sessions are facilitated during evenings, weekends, daytime and holidays. The activities include youth club, youth council, induction, various accreditation schemes, mediation, ROTL and more.

We deliver in partnership with NOVUS education provider, to support young men with their learning. Kinetic deliver a bespoke alternative education programme that includes group work and one to one. We work with those young men to build esteem, empower and increase their engagement into mainstream education pathways.

Project Oracle

Kinetic is a Standard 1 validated project with Project Oracle.

You can read more at http://project-oracle.com/projects/info/kinetic-youth

Previous Projects

Our previous work includes the following:

South East Resettlement Consortia/East Midlands Resettlement Consortia

We worked in partnership with South London Resettlement Consortia and East Midlands Resettlement Consortia, delivering through the gate community resettlement support with many young people, achieving some significant impact outcomes. Support services included one to one support sessions within the establishments, building relationships to extend beyond the prison walls, devising plans and target setting for release, as well as delivering emotional support and development for first 24hrs post release.

Kinetic Community Café

This exciting project provided young men who are housed in or being released from Cookham Wood and other local young people with the opportunity to work in a café and gain qualifications and experience in this working environment as within a community.

Kinetic Outdoor Allotment Project

This partnership project enabled young men from Cookham Wood or local young people to develop an allotment where they can plant and grow veggies or develop outdoor projects (shed building) to gain skills and experiences and provide things that local community members can benefit from.

HMYOI Warren Hill

This project delivered over 30 hours a week to all young men and was developed from the Cookham Wood Model.

HMYOI Downview

A short, but successful project enabled Kinetic’s work to expand to work with females within the secure estate. Whilst the project didn’t continue as the establishment closed, the relationships with young people were maintained as they were released.

Stoke City Football Club

Working in partnership with the Community Trust of the football club, Kinetic are able to develop community projects for young people on release from custody or as part of their resettlement.


Measuring the impact of our work is very important. Kinetic can evidence the success of our approach with the following impact information.


Kinetic scoop NYA’s Youth Work Award

Kinetic is proud to announce their Youth Work Award win at the 2017 CYP Now Awards for the HMYOI Werrington project.

Read about the award on the National Youth Agency news release.

CYP Now Awards 2017 Finalists

Kinetic’s project at HMYOI Werrington has been shortlisted at this year’s CYP Now Awards 2017, twice!

Shortlisted for the Youth Justice Award & the Youth Work Award. Awards ceremony will be hosted November 22nd 2017.

CYP Now Features Kinetic

Kinetic’s work has been featured in Children and Young People Now on a number of occasions. Some of these articles are linked below.

Kinetic and Asda’s Development Day

After donating funds and workers’ time to the Kinetic Outdoor Allotment Project, Kinetic and Asda workers worked with young people and made an amazing job of developing the project and putting up a greenhouse.

Thank you Asda!

Theme Park Reward for Busy Volunteers

Kinetic involve children and young people in their recruitment and selection processes and, after a busy month of recruiting, rewarded their volunteers with a trip to Alton Towers.

Kinetic Acknowledged Three Years Running

Kinetic have been highlighted as a service making a positive impact in HMIP inspections in 2012 at HMYOI Cookham Wood, 2013 in HMYOI Warren Hill and 2014 in HMYOI Werrington.


Kinetic also provides access to the following documents in PDF format:

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